John Cairns Photography John Cairns Photography


  • Elube


    A sponsor child of World Vision in Southern Africa
  • Philip from the Kroo Bay slums in Freetown, SIerra Leone

    Philip from the Kroo Bay slums in Freetown, SIerra Leone

    With no living parents, Philip survives by trawling through the sewage-ridden water to find things he can sell, namely metal and shoe soles.
  • Philip


    I met up with Philip two years later. Now with a part time job at the local government offices, life had improved for him. That was before the West African Ebola outbreak...
  • Kenya


    Community health workers meet under a mango tree
  • Malawi flood relief

    Malawi flood relief

    The floods of 2013 demolished some of the walls of the Mangazua's home. World Vision provided emergency tents for those who's houses were completely destroyed and also emergency food supplies and seed for the next crop.
  • Masiaka, Sierra Leone

    Masiaka, Sierra Leone

    A mother & her children return home after a day at the market
  • Sheku


    Blind for 9 years, Sheku survives only with the help of his son and wife.
  • Malawi - Micro Finance

    Malawi - Micro Finance

    Innocent started his butchery business thanks to a small loan from Opportunity International. His 'sustain loan' has helped with cashflow when customers are slow to pay. He's paying the loan back faster than expected and hopes to move on to a 'growth loan' in the future, so he can expand his business.
  • Rarieda District

    Rarieda District

    Health worker, Wilfreda, checks children in the Kenyan village.
  • Tanzania


    A boy eats sugar cane in this Tanzanian village
  • Tanzania


  • Tengbeh Town, Freetown

    Tengbeh Town, Freetown

    For the last 10 years Fatu has sold fruit in the same spot by the road.
  • School for the blind

    School for the blind

    Alhaji and Zachariah listen to their radio.
  • Rariera District, Kenya

    Rariera District, Kenya

    The oldest lady in the village
  • Freetown


    Yousef and Abdullai study with their new science textbook. Yousef wants to be a bank manager, whilst Abdullai dreams of being the president.
  • Essah


    Essah (on right) jokes with his brother Saidu. Essah has been blind for several years and relies heavily on his brother's help.
  • Sierra Leone

    Sierra Leone

    Mr Koroma lost his sight during the civil war. There are very limited sources of income for blind people in Sierra Leone, so he supports his family by begging and is led around by his son Amara. He tries not to take Amara out too often, so he can still go to school.
  • Kisumu, Kenya

    Kisumu, Kenya

  • Tanzania


    Children are tested for HIV
  • Tanzania


    Negative! A girl and her mother celebrate the negative result of the HIV test.
  • Tanzania


    Orphaned by HIV, these siblings live with their grandmother, who makes her living by weaving baskets.
  • Tanzania


    A woman describes the difficulties she faces since her husband died of AIDS.
  • Tanzania


  • Tanzania


    Apono, aged 13, lost his mother when he was 3. He lives with his father who is HIV+.
  • New housing, Tanzania

    New housing, Tanzania

    Scolara stands between her old and new houses. The new one was funded by Milday staff who all donate a proportion of their income to help those in need.
  • Kilandi, Kenya

    Kilandi, Kenya

    Children sift through the debris the day after a fire has destroyed the market place.
  • Sierra Leone

    Sierra Leone

    Charity photography
  • Freetown, Sierra Leone

    Freetown, Sierra Leone